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The Cyrilla Family
The cyrilla family is a small family of plants which includes 3 genera and 6 species of trees and shrubs 2 genera are widely distributed along the South Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains. 

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Cyrilla racemiflora 
swamp titi 

The swamp titi is a small, graceful tree, reaching 25-35 feet in height and 8-16 inches in diameter.  It divides a short distance from the ground into several arching limbs, resulting in a spreading, round-topped crown. 

Leaves are simple, opposite, and deciduous.  The leaves are often clustered near the tips of the twigs.  The leaves are 2-3 inches long, 1/2-1 inch wide, and are elliptical in shape, with a rounded or slightly notched apex.  The leaf base is wedge-shaped.  Leaf margins are entire.  The leaf surfaces are dark green on top, paler.  Leaf petioles are moderately stout, 1/8-3/4 inch long. 
The flowers are perfect, fragrant, and occur on erect stalks that are 4-6 inches long. 
Fruit is a small conical, 2-celled, 2-seeded, dry, light brown capsule, 1/8 inch long. 

The twigs are slender, smooth, shiny, brown, and 3-sided.  The pith is  homogeneous. 

The bark is thin, reddish-brown, shiny, and is divided at the surface into thin, shreddy scales.  It is ridged at the base of the bole. 

The swamp titi often forms impenetrable thickets along margins of swamps and in rich river bottoms.  In the Gulf states, it is found on exposed, sandy ridges.  It grows on the Atlantic coastal plain from southern Virginia to north Florida, west through the Gulf states to the Neches River Valley of Texas. 

This tree has no known commercial value. 

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