Forest Stewardship Program


Forest stewardship is a commitment to your land now and for the future. If managed properly your land can yield economic and environmental benefits for generations to come. The Forest Stewardship Program seeks to help private landowners develop a plan designed to increase the economic value of their forestland while maintaining its environmental integrity for future generations.

Multiple-use Land Management

Stewardship is based on the multiple-use land management strategy. A multiple-use resource management plan provides for any combination of these benefits:

  • timber
  • soil
  • aesthetics
  • wildlife
  • water
  • recreation

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The Forest Stewardship Program includes the following provisions for forest landowners:

  • Opportunities to learn about natural resources management and receive technical assistance
  • Recognition for your efforts with publicity, a certificate, and a sign for your land
  • An opportunity to set an example for other landowners and the public
  • Documentation of active management which may reduce tax liability

This is a voluntary program. No special obligations are placed on participating landowners.

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Who is Eligible for the Program?

Private landowners who own at least 20 acres of land who do not manufacture forest products or provide public utility services are eligible to participate in the Forest Stewardship Program.

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Who Are Forest Stewards?

Forest Stewards are landowners who:

  • do not presently actively manage their land but want to develop a management plan according to the stewardship concept;
  • or are engaged in management of a single resource and would like to diversify their activity;
  • or are currently managing their land for multiple resources and deserve recognition.

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How to Become a Forest Steward

Florida StewardshipIf you are interested in becoming a Forest Steward, fill out the Program application linked below and contact a Forest Stewardship Program representative to make arrangements to begin developing your Forest Stewardship Management Plan. The plan will contain a description of your property and recommended practices for achieving your goals. If you wish to have your plan prepared by a private forestry or wildlife management consultant, you may be eligible to receive funds to help reduce the consultant's fee.

Once you have your Forest Stewardship Management Plan written and approved, you will be in the Program and will receive:

Stewardship Forest
You will qualify for certification as a Forest Steward once you have met the minimum requirements for improving the resources on your property. The requirements are minimal and provide flexibility so that your personal stewardship objectives can be met.

Visit the Florida Forest Service's Forest Stewardship Program page for more information and download the Forest Stewardship Program Application.

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