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Forest Biology Ecology

Forest biology and ecology research is wide ranging; varying from landscape level ecology and conservation to genetics and tree improvement, from water resources to forest heath and silviculture to tree biology. Research is generally problem-oriented and conducted in collaboration with state and federal agencies, industry, and/or other scientists from the University of Florida and other universities. SFRC faculty develop and disseminate the knowledge needed to conserve and manage forests and natural resources as healthy, working ecosystems that provide social, ecological and economic benefits on a sustainable basis.

Faculty – Michael Andreu, Michael Bannister, Kimberly Bohn, Robert Buschbacher, Matthew Cohen, Wendell Cropper, John Davis, Francisco Escobedo, Dudley Huber, Eric Jokela, Karen Kainer, Matias Kirst, Leda Kobziar, Alan Long, Timothy Martin, Patrick Minogue, P.K. Nair, Gary Peter, Jason Smith, Christina Staudhammer, Daniel Zarin.