The What is a Healthy Forest? PLT supplement builds on activities from Project Learning Tree’s Pre K–8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. The PLT Guide is a national environmental education resource with 96 engaging activities that help educators introduce trees, forests, and environmental issues to youth. You can find out more about Florida’s PLT program by visiting Florida PLT's website.

The goal of this supplement to the national PLT Guide is to convey basic concepts of forest health, which of course should build upon a knowledge of trees and forests. The supplement focuses on Florida forest insects and pathogens, Florida forest ecosystems, and Florida forest management strategies.

The supplement contains 5 new activities, extensions to 13 Project Learning Tree Activities and can complement the science curriculum for grades 5-7.

You can access the program materials in two ways:
1) Download the entire handbook by clicking here (includes introduction, all activities, student handouts, glossary, references and acknowledgments)

2) Use the menu below to learn more about the program and to download individual PDF files of program resources and activities.

Please cite this program as:
Hicks, S. L.; M. C. Monroe; G. S. Iyer; and J. A. Smith. 2011. What Is a Healthy Forest? A Supplement to Florida Project Learning Tree. Florida Cooperative Extension Publications FOR286. Gainesville FL: University of Florida