Forest Stewardship Polycom Workshop: The Green Value of Your Woods

December 12, 2012, 1-4 pm, ET; Recorded and broadcast live via Polycom from the University of Florida Campus to 18 Extension facilities across FL.

Get a more complete picture of the value of your woods!
  Florida's private forest lands provide many economic and environmental benefits to society such as protecting water quality, wildlife conservation and carbon storage.  Until now we have known little about the dollar value of these environmental benefits.  The University of Florida recently identified and quantified the economic values of environmental benefits, or “green value”, provided by lands enrolled in Florida’s Forest Stewardship Program.  Join us to get a more complete picture of the value of your woods. We will also get a review and update on greenbelt assessment policy for property taxes.

  • Presentations and Materials

Thanks Ron Thomas and Glen Graham at UF-IFAS Communication Services for recording the presentations for this workshop. Links to recorded presentations are below. Links take you to Accordent videos where you can see the presenter and their slides and listen to the presentations.




Program Introduction, Green Values of Your Woods , Chris Demers and Melissa Kreye, Forest Stewardship Coordinator and Conserved Forest Ecosystems Outreach and Research Coordinator, UF-IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation


Greenbelt Review and Update, George Wheeler, Agriculture Greenbelt Coordinator, Florida Department of Revenue (retired)


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Program Materials

  1. Program Agenda and Presenter Contacts, 2 pgs (pdf)
  2. Chris Demers and Melissa Kreye Presentation notes, 9 pgs (pdf)
  3. George Wheeler's Presentation Notes, 14 pgs (pdf)
  4. Draft Extension Fact Sheet: Green Value of Your Woods, 2 pgs (pdf)
  5. Workshop Evaluation, 2 pgs (pdf)
  6. Full Forest Stewardship Ecosystem Services Survey Project Report, 142 pgs (pdf)

Powerpoint Presentations

  1. Green Value of Your Woods, Melissa Kreye and Chris Demers (ppt)
  2. Florida Greenbelt, George Wheeler (ppt)
  3. Conservation Easements and Exemptions, George Wheeler (ppt)

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