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Faculty of the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program
FAS-Core Faculty
Robert Ahrens Quantitative Fisheries Stock Assessment
Micheal S. Allen
Freshwater Fisheries Ecology
Patrick K. Baker
Invertebrate Zoology/Malacology
Shirley M. Baker
Donald C.Behringer, Jr.
Marine Ecology & Diesease
Daniel E. Canfield Jr.
Frank A. Chapman
Aquaculture; Sturgeon and Ornamental Fish
Charles E. Cichra
Fish Ecology and Management
Thomas K. Frazer
Aquatic Ecology
Karl E. Havens
Jeffrey E. Hill Non-native and Invasive Aquatic Animals
William J. Lindberg
Marine Behavioral Ecology
Kai Lorenzen Integrative Fisheries Sciences
Carlos V. Martinez Ornamental Aquaculture
Debra J. Murie
Marine Fisheries Ecology
Cortney L. Ohs
Daryl C. Parkyn Eco-physiology/Behavior of Fishes
Edward J. Phlips Algal Physiology and Ecology
Juliane Struve Spatial Fisheries Sciences
Leslie Sturmer Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture
Robert A. Swett Boating and Waterway Planning Program
Carl J. Walters Fisheries Stock Assessment & Adaptive Mgmt
Craig Watson
Associate Director for Aquaculture Programs
Roy P. Yanong Fish Health Management/Aquaculture
FAS-Joint Faculty
James D. Austin Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ruth Francis-Floyd Fish Health Management/Aquaculture
William E. Pine  
Fish Ecology and Fisheries Management
FAS-Affiliate Faculty

Carter R. Gilbert Ichthyology and Systematics
Joseph C. Joyce Aquatic Plant Biology & Management
Kenneth A. Langeland Invasive Plant Biology & Management
Paul J. Linser
Richard D. Miles Jr. Nutrition & Fish Feeding Management
Frank G. Nordlie Limnology and Fish Physiology
Barbara Denise Petty Aquatic Animal Health
FAS-Courtesy Faculty

Aaron J. Adams Aquatic Ecology
Marilyn D. Bachmann   Aquatic Ecology
Roger W. Bachmann   Limnology
John D. Baldwin   Fish Genetics
Jim Berkson   Population Dynamics, Natural Resource Modeling and Stock Assessment
Robert E. Carlson Limnology
Amanda W. J. Demopoulos Benthic Invertebrate Ecology
Carlos Duarte Ecology
Kathleen H. Hartman Aquaculture Epidemiology
Kenneth M. Leber Marine Ecology & Fisheries Stock Enhancement
Carrie Manfrino Coral Reef Ecology
Doran M. Mason Aquatic Ecology
Leo G. Nico Fish Biology & Ecology
Leonard G. Pearlstine
John Scarpa Molluscan Aquaculture
Michael A. Stamper Aquatic Animal Medicine
Scott P. Terrell Anatomic and Microscopic Pathology
Stephen Walsh Fisheries Biology
FAS-Visiting Faculty

FAS-Emeritus Faculty 

Wallace H. Clark, Jr. Marine Invertebrate Reproduction/Dev Biology
Claire L. Schelske Limnology
William Seaman, Jr. Coastal Fishes, Habitats and Fisheries
Jerome V. Shireman Aquaculture and Fisheries

bulletFAS-Postdoctorial Associates  
Nikki Dix

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