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FBRC Scientists

The FBRC team is comprised of  scientists specializing in genetics, silviculture, physiology, forest soils, pathology, and biometrics, who collaborate with each other and with our cooperators to plan and carry out multi-disciplinary research projects.


Eric J. Jokela

Silviculture with special interests in tree nutrition, forest fertilization, canopy dynamics, nutrient cycling, and production ecology of intensively managed pine ecosystems

Eric Jokela

Timothy A. Martin

Forest tree physiology, with special interest in linking organ-level carbon and water relations physiology with questions at the whole-tree and stand scales


Timothy Martin

Gary Peter
Forest genomics, molecular biology and wood quality

Gary Peter

Tania Quesada

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Molecular genetics, genomics, disease resistance


Salvador Gezan

Mixed Linear Models, Quantitative Genetics, Design of Experiments, Sampling, Growth and Yield Modeling, Plant Breeding, Forest and Agricultural Statistics.


Jason Vogel

Forest nutrition and nutrient cycling, forest carbon allocation, and root processes


Jiri Hulcr

Forest entomology


Jason Smith

Forest pathology