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FBRC Graduate Students

Current Students

Greg Gorman, MS
Post Fire, Carbon, Energy and Water Dynamics of a Naturally Regenerated Pine Ecosystem in Northeastern Florida.

Brian Roth, Ph.D.
Growth efficiency of intensively managed loblolly pine families.

Ethan Sadowski, MS
Effects of Forest Management on Litter Decompostion among selected Loblolly Pine
(Pinus taeda L.) famlies in Northern Florida.

Graduated Students

Xiaobo Li, Ph.D.- 2009
Wood properties of improved loblolly pine in the SE USA

Deoyani Sarkhot, Ph.D.- 2007
Soil organic C, SON and SOP in sandy soils as affected by intensive loblolly pine management in SE U.S.

Liliana Parisi, M.S. - 2006
Shoot elongation patterns and genetic control of height growth in Pinus taeda L. using clonally replicated trials.

Gogce Kayihan, Ph.D. - 2006
Molecular and quantitative genetics of disease resistance.

Veronica Emhart, Ph.D. - 2005
Physiological genetics of contrasting loblolly and slash pine families and clones.

Brian Baltunis, Ph.D. - 2005
Genetic effects of rooting ability and early growth traits in loblolly pine clones.

Douglas Shoemaker, M.S. - 2005
Remote sensing and simulation to estimate forest productivity in southern pine plantations

Corey Stover, M.S. - 2005
A physiological and morphological analysis of the effects of nitrogen supply on the relative growth rates of nine loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) clones.

Maheteme Gebremedhin, M.S. - 2003
Clonal variation in morphology, water relations and gas exchange parameters in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) rooted cuttings.

Luis Suau, MFRC - 2002
Aboveground nitrogen accumulation in loblolly pine stands under varying management intensity.

Rob McGarvey, M.S. - 2000
A multi-scale comparison of photosynthetic capacity in fast- and slow-growing families of Pinus elliottii and Pinus taeda.

Yu Xiao, Ph.D. - 2000
Relationship between nutritional traits and early growth strategies of slash and loblolly pine and their F1 hybrids.

Javier Lopez-Upton, Ph.D. - 1999
Early growth, cold hardiness and pest resistance of loblolly pine, slash pine and some pine hybrids.

Karina Peres Gramacho, Ph.D. - 1999
Disease resistance and pathogenic variability in the fusiform rust - slash pine pathosystem.