Kobziar Fire Science Lab
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Selected Publications

Watts, A. C., Kobziar, L. N.,  Snyder, J. R. Fire and hydrology cause delayed mortality response among pondcypress (Taxodium distichum var. imbricarium). Wetlands (Accepted).

Godwin, D. R., Kobziar, L. N. Comparison of burn severities of consecutive large-scale fires in Florida sand pine scrub using satellite imagery analysis.  Fire Ecology 7: 99-113.

Malone, S., Kobziar, L. N., Staudhammer, C. L., Abd-Elrahman, A. Modeling relationships among 217 fires using remote sensing of burn severity in southern pine forests.  Remote Sensing 3: 2005-2028.

Carvalho, E., Kobziar, L. N., Putz, F. E.  2011.  Fire ignition patterns affect production of charcoal in southern forests.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 20: 474-477.

Freeman, J., Kobziar, L. N.  2011. Tracking postfire successional trajectories in a plant community prone to high-intensity fire.  Ecological Applications 21: 61-74.

Lavoie, M., Kobziar, L. N., Long, A. J., Hainds, M. 2011.  Problems and needs for restorationists of longleaf pine.  Natural Areas Journal 31(3): 294-299.

Grissino-Mayer, H. D., Kobziar, L. N., Harley, Grant L., Russell, Kevin P., and LaForest, Lisa B.  2010. The Historical Dendroarchaeology of the Ximénez-Fatio House, St. Augustine, Florida, U.S.A.  Journal of Tree Ring Research 66(1): 61-73.

Watts, A. C., J. H. Perry, S. E. Smith, M. A. Burgess, B. E. Wilkinson, Z. Szantoi, P. Ifju, and H. F. Percival 2010. Small unmanned aircraft systems for low-altitude aerial surveys. Journal of Wildlife Management 7: 1614-1619.

Kobziar, L. N., Rocca, M. E., Dicus, C., Hoffman, C., Sugihara, N., Thode, A., Varner, J. M., Morgan, P. 2009.  Challenges to educating the next generation of wildland fire professionals in the US. Journal of Forestry 7: 339-345

Kobziar, L. N., Stephens, S. L., McBride, J. R., 2009.  The efficacy of fuels reduction

treatments in a Sierra Nevada pine plantation.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 18(7): 791-801

Monroe, M. C., A. C. Watts, and L. N. Kobziar 2009.Where there’s fire, there’s smoke: Air Quality and Prescribed Burning in Florida. Florida Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet, FOR62. 5 pp. University of Florida, UF/IFAS EDIS Database, http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/FR058.

Kobziar, L. N. 2007.  The role of environmental factors and tree injuries in soil carbon respiration response to fuels treatments in pine plantations. Biogeochemistry 84:191-206.

Kobziar, L. N., Moghaddas, J., Stephens, S. L. 2006.  Tree mortality patterns following prescribed fires in a mixed conifer forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36:3222-3238.

Kobziar, L. N., McBride, J. R. 2006.  Burn patterns and vegetation response along two northern Sierra Nevada streams.  Forest Ecology and Management 222:254-265.

Kobziar, L. N., Stephens, S. L. 2006.  The effects of fuels treatments on soil carbon respiration in a Sierra Nevada pine plantation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 141:161-178.

Watts, A. C. and G. W. Tanner. 2003. Fire and roller chopping have varying effects on

dry prairie plant species (Florida). Invited paper, Restoration Ecology 21: 205-207.

Manuscripts Under Review

Kreye, J., Kobziar, L. N.  Improving predictions and understanding of tree mortality patterns in

sand pine scrub ecosystems. International Journal of Wildland Fire (Submitted).

Kreye, J., Kobziar, L. N., Zipperer, W.  Above and below ground heating from the burning of masticated palmetto-gallberry fuel beds.  International Journal of Wildland Fire (Submitted).

Manuscripts In Preparation

Graham, M., Kobziar, L. N., Binford, M. W.  Wildfire burn severity: Does burn history determine an outcome? Southern Journal of Applied Forestry (In Preparation).

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