PLT offers a variety of materials for use with youth in grades PreK-8 including curriculum materials developed for use nationwide and supplementary materials created specifically for Florida educators.

Nationwide Curriculum Materials

Environmental Education Activity Guide

The PreK-8 EE Guide contains 96 hands-on, interdisciplinary activities that "use the forest as a window to the world" to engage youth in learning about the environment while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Activities provide background, step-by- step instructions, student pages, reading and technology connections and more!
  • You’ll find indoor and outdoor activities that require few materials and little extra preparation.
  • The activities have been correlated to State and National learning standards as well as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Florida 4-H forestry project books. Learn more...

Participate in a workshop to get the PreK-8 Guide and become a certified PLT Educator. Learn more...

Energy and Society Kit

The Energy & Society program kit provides formal and non-formal educators with tools and activities to help students in grades PreK-8 learn about their relationship with energy.

  • Use the kit with youth to investigate energy's role in society while developing critical thinking skills. 
  • The kit provides 6 hands on activities, visual teaching tools, ideas for action projects and Energy & Me Music CD.

Additonal information

Available for purchase from National PLT. Learn more!

Billy B Sings About Trees

PLT and well-known children's performing artist and songwriter Billy B have teamed up to produce a new  CD -- all about trees! Each track is correlated to activities from the Billy B Sings About Trees CD- Florida PLTPreK-8 Guide.

  • Teach children about the value of our woodlands through fun and entertaining music.
  • 2009 Parents' Choice Award winner!

The CD is available for purchase from National PLT. Learn more…


Imagine a classroom where school work improves the planet! Join us! Be part of national movement to reduce the ecological footprint of our nation's schools. Learn more about GreenSchools!

Florida GreenSchools!

National GreenSchools! Program


Supplementary Materials for Florida Educators

Urban Forests

The vast majority of Florida teachers and youth live in urban forests. Educators can use this Urban Forests supplementary guide to focus PLT and EE activities to help youth see their community's urban forests as significant, valuable, and worth sustaining.

  • The Guide contains 6 brand new activities, 6 activity extensions, ideas to adapt 19 activities to be more applicable to an urban space and highlights 28 activities from the PreK-8 guide that already work well in urban areas
  • Learn more and download the whole guide for free!

What is a Healthy Forest?

This supplement to PreK-8 Guide aims to convey basic concepts of forest health. Educating youth about forest health is a first step in equipping them to make informed decisions about the future of this valuable resource

  • Focuses on Florida forest insects and pathogens, Florida forest ecosystems, and Florida forest management strategies
  • Contains 5 new activities and extensions to 13 PLT Prek-8 activities
  • A great complement the science curriculum for grades 5-7
  • Learn more and download the guide for free!

Literacy and Nature

The state of Florida places a strong emphasis on reading at all grade levels,especially in elementary schools. Many PLT activities suggest book titles to integrate reading and science. Florida PLT developed reading and writingexercises for four PLT activities to investigate howteachers can usenatural resource-based stories and books to teachreading.

Learn more about the results of our investigation and download the literacy and nature materials!

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