Facilitators' Responsibilities

As a PLT Facilitator, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning and conducting a minimum of one six-hour workshop each year.
  • Setting up a workshop, completing and returning forms, and preparing materials
  • Structuring a positive, hands-on experience that allows each member of the group to participate in activities, and as much as possible, achieve his or her objective for being at the workshop
  • Modeling the philosophy of awareness to action (participants make plans for use of the activities, then return home and use it)
  • Motivating (through an enthusiastic presentation) and assisting the participants in developing applications of program for their own settings

A Place for Opinions

It is the facilitator's role to ensure that the integrity of the program remains intact as educators learn how to use the materials. By no means should a project be used to promote political agendas by the facilitators or educators who use this program. As a facilitator you are representing the sponsoring agency of the project. This doesn't mean that facilitators and workshop participants cannot have their own political views, but as an agency volunteer opinions should be kept to yourself.

In fact, each project promotes tolerance for diverse viewpoints and all viewpoints should be discussed. Some activities encourage lively debate about controversial issues which is crucial to the educational process. If confronted with disagreement or conflict in a workshop, encourage others to express their views: ―Are there other ways to think about this question? And ask the group how a teacher should handle a situation like this in the classroom. Let your participants answer the hard questions!