National & State Correlations

National Standards and Educational Trends

Correlations on National PLT website are provided for many Academic Standards such as Common Core, STEM, Next Gen Science Standards, National Science & National Social Studies Standards, Head Start-Child Outcomes Framework, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc.

Florida State Standards

State Correlations

All 96 of the activities found in the PreK-8 Activity Guide are correlated to the Florida Sunshine State Standards (SSS).

In addition, 27 activities have a series of FCAT-like prompts associated with them to assist educators in using PLT activities in their classroom.

PreK-8 Activity Guide

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PLT Sunshine State Correlations Crossover Information

The State Board of Education approved the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Reading and Language Arts in May 2007, for Mathematics in October 2007, and for Science in February 2008. The Social Studies Standards are in the revision process.

  1. Select a PLT Activity from the appropriate correlations page on the left.
  2. Open the standards PDF document and find the "Subject Area: Language Arts, Mathematics, or Science " section. Select a standard to find.
  3. Go to the Florida Standards Web sites to select the appropriate crosswalk document for the subject standards you are looking for.
    1. Mathematics
    2. Science
    3. Language Arts
  4. Select the crosswalk for your appropriate grade level.
  5. The cross walks have been designed differently. For Mathematics and Language Arts, take the standard from the PLT Activity and find it in the left column of the crosswalk. Look to the right to find the new standard. For Science, take the standard form the PLT Activity and look for the same header in the crosswalk document. Applicable new standards will be written beneath.

Let's walk through one together for Language Arts.

  1. You are planning to use "Trees as Habitats" with a third grade class. First step is visiting the PLT Web site and downloading the correlations for this activity. [click here]
  2. Next, go to the Department of Education's Language Arts Standards for Florida web site. Select the Grade 3 crosswalk for Writing towards the bottom of the page. [click here]
  3. Return to the "Trees as Habitats" correlations page. The first standard under Writing is: LA.B.2.2.1.
  4. Look for LA.B.2.2.3 under the Old Benchmark # column on the left side of the screen.
  5. Read across the screen to the new standard to find: LA. record information (e.g., observations, notes, lists, charts, map labels, legends) related to a topic, including visual aids as appropriate.

Congratulations, you found the new standard.