PLT Workshops

How to Get PLT

Florida PLT measure a tree activityMost PLT materials are available by completing a training workshop.

Use this table to see a list of curriculum and training  requirements.


To Attend a Professional Development Workshop:

  • Check the workshop calendar to to see if there is already a workshop planned in your area. Workshops are typically posted a month before they are offered.
  • If you cannot find an upcoming workshop to meet your needs, consider helping host one in your area! Learn more...

Why Workshops?

Workshops ensure the highest quality experience for everyone using PLT. Through professional development workshops you can expect to:

  • Learn how to incorporate PLT activities into project learning tree workshopyour current and future lesson plans and curriculum.
  • Meet other professionals in your area interested in environmental education.
  • Become part of a network that offers you follow-up resources and opportunities.
  • Learn about environmental education.

Host a Workshop

If you cannot find an upcoming workshop to meet your needs, consider helping host one in your area! Use this process to help bring PLT to you:

1. First, consider details of hosting a workshop:

  • Dates: Workshops take minimum 6 contact hours, facilitators will need an additional hour pre and post workshop for set-up and clean-up. They can be hosted on any day of the week or over 2-3 days. Please have 3 possible date options. 
  • Location: Workshop area is best with an indoor and outdoor area. Preferably the outdoor area has at least 1 tree. The indoor area should be large enough in case it rains and the hands-on activities need to be done inside
  • Participants: There is a 15 teacher requirement to conduct a workshop.  Workshops can  be limited to the hosting organization (e.g., for faculty at one school) or advertised to others in your area. Start building interest ASAP! We will set a registration date and if the minimum is not met by then we will cancel the workshop.
  • Current workshop fees range from $10-$35, depending on the curriculum.  Our most popular workshops are the Prek-8 Enviornmental Education Activities ($30 fee)  and Enviromental Expenices for Early Learners ($20).  Fees can be paid at the door, PLT can invoice the hosting organization or agency, or you can seek sponsorship. Local business or Parent-Teacher organizations are a great place to start finding sponsorships and the workshop facilitator can offer more suggestions, such as finding a nearby restaurant to donate lunch!

2. PLT Central will locate a PLT volunteer facilitator in your region to conduct the workshop.  You will be connected to the facilitator to settle on the final date and organize the workshop. 

3. We will help adverse but it is important for you to build and keep interest in your area. Consider asking around to see if other educators or principles in your area are interested in a PLT Educator workshop.  You may also help spread the word on Florida PLT’s Facebook page!

Already have PLT?

Consider the following ways to stay involved and take your PLT skills to the next level!

  • Connect with with Florida and National PLT online to receive updates on upcoming events and workshop opportunities. Florida PLT announces updates to the calendar on Facebook page.
  • Help your school or program make on on going commitment to environmetnal education by becoming a PLT School or EE Center!
    Learn more about PLT Schools or PLT EE Centers....
  • Attend the Advanced Professional Development Training each November
  • Consider becoming a workshop facilitator to help others become certified PLT educators. Learn more....
  • Visit the How to Support PLT page to learn more ways you can help Florida PLT bring outstanding environmental education opportunities to youth!


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