Online Training Programs

Florida Project Learning Tree has developed three exciting online training opportunities for educators who may be unable to attend an in-person workshop!

PreK-8 Online Workshop

This online workshop can substitute attending a traditional PLT PreK-8 in-person workshop for educators who face barriers such as travel and time constraints. The training is on-going, so you can register any time. The cost is $30 which is payable when you send in your final assignment and evaluation form. Upon reciept the book will be mailed to you. Due to shipping costs, we cannot offer this course outside of the U.S.

Places We Live Secondary Module Online Training

Ongoing opportunity- you may begin this training at any time!

This online training program is intended to replace an in-person workshop by introducing and orienting educators to the Places We Live secondary module. The module was created for educators working with youth in grades 9-12, however, it can be incorporated into middle school honors classes as well. Participants will explore current and future community environmental issues, enabling them to make informed decisions about those issues. Unlike the PreK-8 online workshop, this training is offered on a rolling basis and participants may begin the training at any time. The self-paced program allows participants to go through the module on their own schedule.

More Online Training Resources

Ongoing opportunity- available at all times!

A series of online modules were created to help broaden educators' expertise in particular topics related to PLT such as: Tree Products, Leaf Shape Identification, Dichotomous Keys, Invasive Exotic Species, and Woody Biomass. These modules have been developed to provide basic, as well as Florida specific information and can be found on the School of Forest Resources and Conservation's Environmental Education Website.

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